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Technology is progressing very fast and that makes it difficult for many companies to keep up with this fast pace. In recent years though management applications are thriving allowing business owners to focus on more important things. In Cyber Sight we have exprerienced and very talented developers, programmers and designers that will make the ideal computer based or mobile based app for your needs. Take a look at our business application models down bellow:

Business Applications​

Logistics & Economics Management​ (LEM)

Our logistic and economic applications provide your company with a complete finance management system all in one single app. Monitor your net or gross income as well as your companies expences in a monthly or weekly display. Finally LEM provides you with statistics and facts about the money management of your company and alerts you when you go over budget.


Human Resources Management (HRM)

Every company deserved to have a good HR system for their employees. Our HRM app enables employee working hours and overtime management, salary payouts with specific work contracts for employees and specific time frames. It also provides easy access to the employee allowance and days off work with automatic updates in the salary function.


Customer Relationship Management (CRM)

Usually the biggest part of a company is the list of clients and customers and their data. With our CRM you can easily handle and manage customers, their orders, special requests that they have. It also helps your business to communicate easier with your clients and making sure they are up to date. Finally promoting a new offer to existing customers was never easier!


Website Designing

Modern & Responsive Web Design

In modern world, every business needs a website in order to be able to attract new customers. All customers nowadays rely on reviews and information that they find on internet, so your company should have a website to provide them with these details.​ That is why the websites we make are modern and responsive for all screens and devices.


Online Stores (E-Shops)

Growing your business audience hasn't been easier. You can now have both a physical shop and an online one, or just the second one. An e-shop is nowadays the most important part of a business for a single reason. It attracts customers from the internet, and it is not a small number or users. Start your new online store with Cyber Sight now!


Hardware Management

Server & Computer Builds

Our hardware department has been providing for a long time, businesses with all the requires machines, computers and servers in order to function normally. We have experts to evaluate your needs and give you solutions with the money that you want to afford. Everything is made with our hands so it is not debatable that you will have the best result and the best prices.


Repairing & Upgrading Systems

As time passes all electronic systems can be slower or not as efficient as they used to be. There are constantly new requirements and that is logical as the needs also increase. That is why we take care of your electronic devices and servers and we keep them up to date. During the year we will evaluate your systems and see if something needs change or upgrade.


IT Support

24/7 Assistance

Having problems with a program on your computer? Facing connectivity issues? Or is there a another unsolved problem you need help with? Our IT Assistance group is ready to help. You don't have to worry anymore about computer or network issues. Simply give us remote access or call us and we will resolve your problem in no time.


Making things simple

The IT team is usually known for resolving issues related to computers, networks and screen monitors. In Cyber Sight we take it one step further! Our IT team is also responsible for making employee working experience easier by creating software applications and helping their users understand it and also by securing the infrastructure of the company.


Network Configuration

Network Setup

When it comes to businesses, it can be sometimes difficult configuring the network properly. Fortunately our network experts will have no difficulty configuring any network for your company. We will also have the network tested so we can eliminate possible issues that might occur. Work assured that communications between servers and employees will never be a problem.


Hack Attacks & Security

The biggest fear of companies with networks are hack attacks towards their databases and systems. Our network setups are not basic but advanced and that means that we lower to the minimum the number of security leaks. Furthermore we have a cyber security team ready to stop the attack in the rare cases that this might happen and re-secure the network.



Save Resources, Save Money

Have you wondered how would it feel if automations entered the door of your business? Let us tell you. You wouldn't have to worry about hiring tons of employees to perform basic tasks. Furthermore you would save thousands in money with lighting and water automations. Let's be honest here, it is not just cool. It is something that all modern companies should have. Not only you make simple a lot of tasks but also you save on expenses and help the enviroment significantly by saving vital resources.


Interested in one or more of our services?

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